We In Maths Metals Recycling Limited equipped our laboratory for the analysis of various metals. The analysis is based on the official SON standard.

  • Through the analysis, we determine the material composition which is a fundamental step in the recycling industry to ensure consistency of the high quality offering.
  • We take further step, after regular quality control of incoming scrap materials; we sorted by either hand or machines.
  • Besides sorting process to provide different qualities, the material can be conditioned to different application using shredder, shear (alligator shear) or flame cutters. These products are also certified by us through our quality control personnel.
  • Our focus is on the production of high quality products and customer service delivery, including the flexible and timely delivery.
  • With over 50 employees, we ensure that scrap materials are sort, recycled and reaches the processing industry quickly and safely.
  • Through our x ray sorting system we are able to sort out even the smallest amount of zinc and iron from our materials.
  • Molten metals is prevented from turbulence while casting, in other to have a sound grain structure and dross free ingot.
  • Analysis records are properly maintained batch-wise and samples are stored so as to trace the samples at any point in time.
  • We use Radcomm RC2034-2 Radiation detection system with highest detection probability and fewest false alarms to monitor the level of radioactive contamination, Radiation dose rate and identify and quantify the radioactive material in company area.